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The Adventures Of PuppyDove

The brilliant sun was shining over the beautiful town square of 

St. Bernard’s.

PuppyDove was happily working in the “Chocolate Lab” on his spectacular new secret invention…

All of the machines in his lab were humming merrily and all of his worktables were covered with piles and piles of rare and exotic maps.

PuppyDove put on his dark blue apron, positioned his safety glasses comfortably on his nose, tucked three pencils into the creases of his ears, and opened his special notebook.

Excitedly, he noted every detail of his new secret project and quickly solved many equations necessary to understand how he could properly fit all of his rare maps into his machines.

He had a radiant smile on his face as he scurried from machine to machine. He loved nothing more than tinkering and engineering fantastic inventions.

And he did so always – night and day.

PuppyDove is always busy, always happy, and always ready to learn, share, work and help others.

In any way he can – and, you must know, he can do everything!

MouseScout, PuppyDove’s best friend, knocked on the front door of the “Chocolate Lab”.

He worked with PuppyDove everyday, from 8 in the morning until the wee hours of the night.

MouseScout helped PuppyDove with everything in his shop, from developing and drafting inventions, to running the big machines, to helping PuppyDove cleanup, buy supplies and make visits to dear friends.

On this day, when PuppyDove opened the door for MouseScout, he could hardly hold back his excitement. He could not wait to share his new secret invention with MouseScout.

You see, MouseScout and PuppyDove trust one another. And all the secret inventions are shared.

MouseScout came into the lab, put his backpack on the shelf and put on his dark blue work apron. He also put on safety glasses, tossed a mechanical pencil in his pocket and met PuppyDove by the worktables.

Right away the two friends began their daily routine. They sat down together and started to compare notes, share ideas and discuss projects.

PuppyDove was anxious to share his new secret project with MouseScout.

“MouseScout, I have to tell you about my new secret project…I mean our new secret project!”

“Oh, PuppyDove, what is it? Please tell me! I can’t wait to hear!”

“Well my dear friend, I have invented a way to turn maps into something very magical! Something that will take us places and carry us to many far away adventures!”

“ Oh PuppyDove, what is this amazing something that your turning the maps into?”

“ Hold on to your hat dear MouseScout! I’ve invented a perfect way to turn our maps into magic carpets!”

“ Magic Carpets!!!” “Oh dear friend PuppyDove…. You must know I have dreamed of riding on a magic carpet for many years!”

“This is the most exciting invention ever! Oh, PuppyDove, please, let’s get to work making the magic carpets!”

“Yes, dear MouseScout, let me show you what I have designed…let me show you how the machines work and how the maps are fed into the slots and engineered into the magic carpets.”

…How MouseScout met PuppyDove…

PuppyDove and I met one another while working in Nickerninny.

He and I were both assigned to a special mission and given instructions to meet at St. Bernard’s Cathedral in a very secret area called the “Chocolate Lab”.

Ever since our first meeting, we’ve been the best of friends.

On that day, in the “Chocolate Lab”, The Dow, who is an endless source of wisdom introduced us to MutterFly, a master map maker, Doodles, a master artist and CollieFlower, a master architect…