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  1. “Currant news…Mangos nuts for Celery’s heart…Beets out Tom Atoe. Endive story.”
  2. I’m Okra, how a Beet you?
  3. I’m feeling Gourd, lookin’ Grape!
  4. Study Chard. Acerola your Fennel ExYams.
  5. Collard your world Kale Blueberry.
  6. How about a bit Morel of those Mushrooms?
  7. Go Chard Core.
  8. Honey, dew melon a flavor, please give Jicama a call…Clove you, Rosehips
  9. For Figs Sake, Juice Date Me!
  10. You’re so Raddish, I might juice Medjool.
  11. Holy Basil, it’s tea Thyme!
  12. Miso curious, peas don’t ignori!
  13. Shallot we Date?
  14. …this image is not to scallion.
  15. Hominy CucNumbers?
  16. Do vampires leek blood oranges?
  17. “Starch to the Beet of your own Crumb…”- Grain Ola –
  18. Jump for BokChoy!
  19. Durian the night, Lychee down.
  20. Mangoes on Date. Pluots to Lychee down with Roses Hips. Ends up behind Barberries.
  21. But Rosemary, I Carob about Stew!
  22. ….I carob morel!
  23. I don’t have a carob in the world!
  24. Morel, please!
  25. …Satsuma here or lychee down…You’ll turnip green…!
  26. Does your Watercress? Must have Leeks…
  27. Yam, straight!
  28. Yam, right!
  29. Ginger beets herb, yogurt it?
  30. Mint to make you laugh!
  31. What a Caper!
  32. This my fennel one…okra, maybe morel tomatoe???
  33. Bean lot’s of fun!
  34. Cashew! Bless you!!
  35. …a bit of a winter squash, I’ll romaine calm…
  36. Bye for chow…
  37. Clove you…Clove you bok.
  38. Maybe, lettuce decide.
  39. I Pear what you’re saying & Clove your Plumspective…
  40. Casabaly,…we could Date.
  41. Will you RoseMarry me? Casably!
  42. “Hominy Body”
  43. You are my Fava Bean.
  44. Thank Gourd!
  45. I Khaled a Dragon Fruit. Squashed It.
  46. Over & Sprout, I’ve got to Curry!
  47. Over and Sprout, Curry Along…
  48. Curry Up, We’ve got to Grow!
  49. Let Me Spinach What I was saying…
  50. Olive You
  51. Turmeric Me
  52. Pea S. I Clove You.
  53. Laughing So Hard I almost Artichoked
  54. Men Medjool All Over Me
  55. Do Kumquats. Your Butternut will be more a peeling.
  56. Forgive me…Sometimes I turnip as a RhudeBarb.
  57. Make Sure Your Two Piece Rapini is Approprinut…or you’ll attract too many passionate Fruits!
  58. Fig You!
  59. Guava Go!
  60. Leaf Me Alone!
  61. Pomelo Anderson is a Beech Nut
  62. I Clove You Longan Thyme
  63. Peel It All Off – Go Bananas!
  64. Don’t String Beans Along…They Could Turnip as Kohlarobbers!
  65. An Apple A Day Keeps The Kohlarobbers Away!
  66. Cherrio, I have To Pea
  67. Chow for now, I have to Pea
  68. If a man is Blue Collard, does it mean he does not have a Swiss Chard account?
  69. Oh, Figs!
  70. Peas be Berry Lentil, I’m momma’s Fava Bean
  71. Flax Dance
  72. Think Before you Meat – Veg Out, Mother Fruiters!