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Kelly provides motivational wellness workshops for corporate, academic and private clients.

Topics include:

“Understanding Health Behavior Change”

“How Happy Happens”

“In A Nut Shell | In A Sardine Can”: Understanding How Certain Foods Boost The Brain.

“Basecamp For Your Body”: Everything You Need To Know To Build The Healthiest Foundation For Longevity, Weight Management, Disease Prevention and Enjoyment Of Life.

“The Two Things”: Relearning Two Factors That Can Turn Your Health Behaviors Around – This Is Your One Precious Life & It Is Your Birthright To Be and Feel Well.

Diabetes, Blood Sugar Regulation, What The Pancreas Really Does, All About Blood Sugar, Insulin and Other Hormones, Hormones and Weight Loss, Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, Sleep and Weight Problems, Brain Health, Hunger Hormones, Hydration, Meal Timing, Meal Planning, Low Sodium Diets, Low Sugar Diets, Lifestyle Change, The Blue Zones, The Stages of Change Health Behavior Model, Supplements, Nutrients, Phytonutrients, Skin Health, Mental Health, Aging, Caring for Sick Parents, The GI Index, Savvy Shopping, Stress Reduction, Stretching, Muscle and Protein, Macro and Micro Nutrients, Community Building For Better Health, Inflammatory Foods, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, How To Stop Over Eating, How To Make a Daily Food Plan, How To Journal Food and Activity, How To Get More Activity In The Day, How To Exercise in The Office, How To Make Time For Self Care, Morning And Night Routines, The Power Of Asking For Help and More.